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About PTC Air Freight

The long and illustrious history of PTC Air Freight first began in the 1950s. Started as the Pickering Transfer Company, the organization evolved into an air freight and specialty delivery company in the late 1970s.

A Long and Proud History

PTC Air Freight experienced substantial changes in the 1980s, with ownership of the company shifting from the Pickering family to the Gardner family. This transition period brought along major facility upgrades for PTC Air Freight, and the company began to leverage computer technology to improve the transportation process. These advancements provided PTC Air Freight with the resources to expand their services to long distance hot shots, local deliverables, high value/specialty items, warehousing and fulfillment. Amidst these changes, the Gardner family has kept the PTC Air Freight designation to honor its long and proud history as well as its respected and well-recognized brand within the transportation industry.

A Family Owned Company

As a family owned company, PTC Air Freight is rooted in its commitment to providing exceptional service and care to customers. We have carefully controlled our growth to ensure we can continue to guarantee the outstanding performance levels that our customers have come to trust.

A "Can-Do" Attitude

In addition to superior delivery service, we pride ourselves in a "can-do" attitude. PTC Air Freight can accommodate a multitude of freight handling needs, including specials, residential and white-glove deliveries. We have been asked to tackle almost every kind of delivery or pick-up imaginable, and we take these challenges in stride.

An Outstanding Customer Experience

PTC Air Freight has dedicated its resources to the improvement of the overall customer experience. We utilize technology to simplify the freight handling process and seek to develop more reliable means of communication. While looking to expand services in the future, PTC Air Freight remains focused on maintaining high quality standards, providing continual training and reinforcing company values.

Providing fast, reliable service since 1975